If you’ve ever gotten caught in a cluster of 14 year-olds, you know that the United States public education system is not exactly doing a stellar job of molding great minds that will keep our nation at the forefront of global industry and technological advancements. Not unless those technological advancements can be made over BBM. A couple big issues on the table are increased drop-out rates, falling test scores, and the effect of teacher’s unions and merit pay on the quality of education. But there’s one big problem in education that should finally get the attention it deserves: rolling backpacks are stupid.[[[readmore]]] *A Suggestion for Improving Government Awareness of the Country’s Sub-Par Public Education:* Force congressmen to become Facebook friends with every teenager in their district. A mere glance at that news feed should light a fire under the education reform movement. *A Suggestion for Improving Student Interest in Scientific Studies:* Stop selling cell phones to minors. If they want an iPhone, make them learn how to build it themselves. Like in China.

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